Blog is not dead – I have been busy

Sorry for those handfuls of people that “might” follow this blog, I have just noticed I have not posted here since November – nearly a year ago.

As Autumn gets closer and closer, I will re-instate this. A busy period approaches (when is it not busy in Academia?), so not sure how frequently I will post, and the emphasis of the blog might be more varied.

Until then,


Wool People 8 and knitting news

It has been a while (again) – all my days have been spent teaching/marking/science-ing and there has been no knitting or sewing this last few weeks.

I am breaking my blog silence to have a chat about the latest Brooklyn Tweed release – Wool People 8.

I LOVE the Brooklyn Tweed patterns. I have two I am trying to decide between to use my Beiroa, from previous releases (more on that later). And when I heard on Instagram that Wool People 8 had come out, I had t go and peruse.

And a lovely collection it is, there are few I would most definitively consider knitting, including Stratum, Eaves, Corbara and Gable.

Wool People 8.  All images © Brooklyn Tweed

Wool People 8.
All images © Brooklyn Tweed

Looking at this selection, it is definitively a more clean look that the patterns I am considering knitting next, which are clearly cable heavy. They also have a early spring look about them which I like.

So going back to my knitting plans.

I am going to use some lovely grey Beiroa to knit my firts cardigan. Originally I was going to use a plain boyfriend cardigan patter from Knitting Magazine, but I cannot get a good match for gauge after a few swatches so I decided to try a different pattern (for which I will have to swatch as well, joy!)


Beiroa (from Retrosaria)

The choice is between the Exeter cardigan (a design by Michelle Wang) and the Ivar cardigan (a design by Anne Hanson).

knitting choices

I am leaning towards Exeter, because I want to expand my cabling skills and I love the double breasted look, but am a bit scared! Will start testing the gauge by making the swatches today or tomorrow.

Missing my knitting time!